“Over the course of 3 or 4 years while working in Iraq I have been in contact with Jim Yowell and Clayton Robnett at Yowell’s Boat Yard, asking questions and getting information on Skeeter bass boats. During this time I was always greeted courteously and given great service from day one. After many years of researching Boat Company after Boat Company I finally decided that Skeeter was the boat for me. What made this buying experience so great was, it was done completely over the phone and by email from Iraq and was hassle free. I really appreciate the time and effort that was given by Jim and Clayton to get this done. I was absolutely floored by the exceptional support and service I received; this has been by far the best buying experience I’ve ever had. The key things that attracted me to the Skeeter family was the exceptional quality of the product, the reliability of Yamaha outboards, and the uncompromised fishability as well as the overall layout of the Skeeter ZX 225. I was also amazed at how well the boat performed in rough water. This is the first time I have ever made a new purchase and been totally satisfied with no complaints. In closing I would like to say thank you to Yowell’s Boat yard for a job well done. My hat goes off to the professional team at Yowell’s Boat Yard and I truly believe that Yowell’s sets the standard for Skeeter boats sales in America.” By: Kelly
“President, Skeeter BoatsDear Jeff, just a short note from a very happy Skeeter and Yamaha owner, 2006 ZX 250 with a Yamaha 250 about your product and the great folks at Yowells Boat Yard, Inc, in Waco, TX. This is the first Skeeter and Yamaha that I have purchased and I realized very quickly that I had made three major mistakes. I should have purchased a Skeeter years ago. I had no idea how powerful, quiet, and reliable the Yamaha outboard was. Yowells Boat Yard sets the standard for Customer Service. Jim and Clayton made the purchase of my new Skeeter a wonderful experience. I knew what model I wanted but was not sure about some of the options. Jim and Clayton took the time to explain everything to me and I truly felt comfortable with their recommendations. Frankly, when my wife and I visited Yowells to finalize the option selections it felt more like a family reunion than making a decsion to purchase a Skeeter that is how comfortable we both felt in talking with Jim, Clayton, and the entire staff at Yowells. Prior to meeting with Jim and Clayton I had reviewed the information on the Yamaha web site about the HPDI 250 but was unclear on a couple of things. After sitting down with them I knew more about outboard engines than I ever wanted to know! I sensed very quickly that both of these gentlemen fully believed in the Yamaha product and yes, I followed the break in process to the paragraph in the Owner’s Manual) J! My wife is a little jealous something about me spending more time with my HPDI than I do with her. The positive reputation on service is what sold me on Yowells long before I met Jim and Clayton. The common thread in my discussions with other Skeeter owners was that the staff of Yowells Boat Yard was honest and stood behind the product they sold. I can assure you they, Skeeter and Yamaha have my vote of confidence. Please extend my sincere appreciation to the folks that built my boat they really did a great job. I’ve owned other bass boats but now I own the best.” By: Richard Keagle
“I am very pleased with the SX 170 I purchased from you in January 2005. It has been the answer to my fishing dreams and prayers. Thank you and your staff so much for allowing me the opportunity to experience the class,comfort, and quality of SKEETER products.” By: Mike
“I just wanted to say Thank You for such a great experience in buying our new boat. As I told you, we have over 17 years of boating experience, this is our third boat and by far the nicest one that we have ever owned. You and your staff made the entire boat searching and buying process relatively stress free. I appreciate the time and effort that you took in sending photos and answering the dozens of E-mails that I sent to you during the 2 weeks prior to our purchase. I also appreciate the level of effort that you and your team put into handling all of the paperwork and tasks associated with registering and titling the new boat and trailer. We truly were able to leave your shop ready to go to the lake, which we did the next day. We had a great time showing off our new boat to Kay’s Mom and Dad on Sunday out at Canyon Lake. Kay’s Dad has been boating all of his life and was blown away by the Crownline. Again, we enjoyed meeting you and your staff. We appreciated your friendly atmosphere and being able to bring the dogs into the building really made us feel at home. I like dealing with good old Texas boys. because I’m one myself!” By: Christopher, Kay, Jessica, Spencer, Smokey and Brodie (the dogs!)
“All you can ask of a dealer when you are making a $30,000 to $60,000 purchase is that he be informative, responsive, helpful and trustworthy. The rest is just “smoke”. Jim Yowell and his entire staff are all of those things. Bottom Line: Great dealer. Great product. You should give him a shot.” By: David, Bastrop, TX
“I have been shopping for a boat for a while I have looked at new ones and used at all the boat dealers in Waco I bought one from a individual instead. Jim and Blake got my used boat in good working order. There very friendly and have great customer service. The other dealers in Waco only want to make a sale or won’t even give you the time of the day. Good customer service is important to me and friendly service . Thank you Jim and Blake you have a customer for life.” By: Chuck, Waco, TX
“I am interested in a Hurricane Deckboat and Blake could not have been more helpful.” By: Dale, Arlington, TX